Our hope is to breathe new life into the old stories that we have all heard time and time again. We hope to reengage the imaginations of our readers and teachers. The Bible is beautifully written—peppered with drama, rebellion, and real humanity. Scripture does not shy away from the human experience, and we see over and over again, humanity's need for intervention. As the stories progress from beginning to end, the need for God’s entrance into the world becomes abundantly clear.    


As our children grow and begin to encounter challenges, we earnestly long for them to possess the knowledge that God is with them and for them always. This is the message of the Bible, full stop. Our hope is to foster relationships between children and parents and healthy views of who God is and how he works through family.


engage through creativity + the old stories given to us. 


support health of the family and relationships between children.  


Provide creative and Flexible approach to learning.


Reaffirm the beliefs that have carried humanity through the ages.