The Big Story

Each year church leaders and parents work hard to prepare for a meaningful season of Advent. We want our kids to know the BIG stories and all the important details leading up to each one. Advent is filled with golden nuggets, there is so much one could share. So, the question becomes, “What do we share, and what are the most important details?”

Our team took on the challenge of unpacking the highlights of the accounts leading to the story of Christmas. Artist, Nia Starr illuminates the feelings and weight of each story. Through our visuals you can point children to insightful details, which are often missed because we are overfamiliar with the old stories.

Dive in this season with our new Comic series and see where God takes you and the children in your life. Dig into each account as if it is the first time you have ever encountered it and rediscover the magic of Advent.


Light enters darkness...

In the midst of the great void God was there. His spirit hovered over the darkness and the face of the waters. Out of emptiness God spoke life into being….” Let there be light.”

Light hand.png

Light illuminated the darkness and God called the light day and the darkness night. “You are good day, you are good night.”

God spoke and out of the chaos of nothingness and light came into being. - Chapter One : Creation


When we are left in darkness, especially as a child, we come into direct contact with our fears. The fear that we are alone in this world, or the fear of monsters lurking in a place we cannot see or defend ourselves from. The absence of light is not a natural place of comfort and we can all relate to that fear instinctively.

So how do we talk about God, our fears, and the light that brings hope with our children?

Chapter One identifies God as Creator and the ONE who enters into the darkness. Point your children to the one who creates light and enters the darkness, which ultimately means God enters the darkest places of our lives.

Remind your children how God uses the dark, especially in moments of fear. God gives us rest when there is no light, so we can sleep. Fun activities happen in the dark, like fireworks, or watching the glow of fireflies! Children need to know that there is purpose even in the midst of darkness and that God is there.

As grown-ups we know that our children will inevitably encounter dark places and we want to ensure them of the ONE who enters darkness on our behalf, not just in Genesis, but in a garden and on the hill of Calvary. So, just as shooting stars fly into the night sky, we can be sure that God is, and will illuminate the dark places of our lives.