Puppets + Ginger

A word from our puppet artist….

Art began in Genesis. Creation and beauty are the air we breathe. God made the trees good for food AND pleasing to the eye. Beauty is one of his love languages. Tell me it was all work, no play when God created the shoebill, wildebeest and narwhal. Did he throw back his head and laugh? He must have been quite satisfied with his product to have them all line up at the ark door to survive stinky months ahead. So pinch me. I get to combine three of my loves—art, children, and the grace of God—to make His true stories come alive. To see the little lights-in-eyes is a thing that happens when sponge minds see and accept God’s love through playing and making art.  I’m all in. For there is no other Savior. 

Originally from Minnesota, Ginger also claims to be part Texan and New Yorker after spending a majority of her years there. She has been making art her whole life, but now, in addition to calligraphy, Ginger mainly uses watercolor (...and makes shadow puppets whenever asked).She and her husband Stan live in Charlottesville, VA.