Poppy the Raccoon

Every Monday after school, Poppy stopped by Mama Bear's to buy a fresh bouquet of flowers. She loved daises and sunflowers, lavender and peonies. But her favorite, of course, were poppies.

February Sparks Ilustrations-1.jpg

No matter that week's variety, Poppy’s flowers made her dance and sing and paint. She greeted her flowers every morning and bid them adieu every night.

Poppy 2

But despite all her love and devotion, Poppy found that by the end of each week her flowers would begin to wilt.

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One day, on her way home from school, Poppy passed Mama Bear working in her garden.

"Hi, Mama Bear! What are you doing today?" "Why, I am tending to my garden," said Mama Bear. "Flowers need love and attention, just like us."

"I give my flowers love every morning and night--and they make me the happiest raccoon in the world. But still, they die every week," Poppy sighed.

"That's because they don't have any roots!" Mama Bear laughed. "Here, let me show you." And Mama Bear taught Poppy how to plant seeds, water the soil, and pick weeds. Mama Bear even sent her home with a fresh packet of seeds.

4. Mama Bear Gardening.jpg

Poppy dutifully planted her seeds in a sunny, nutrient-rich patch of soil.

5. Poppy Planting.jpg

And then she waited.

6. Waiting for Rain.jpg

And watered.

7. Watering the Soil.jpg

And waited some more.

9. Active Waiting.jpg

Finally, her first sprout appeared! It sprang up among the rocks. And though it was the first to grow, its roots were weak, and it quickly withered.But underneath the soil, without any help from Poppy, new life was springing forth.

8. First Sprout.jpg

And then, all of a sudden, her first batch of poppies burst out of the ground. 

10. Real Sprouts are coming.jpg

Soon, Poppy's garden was abounding with flowers! She danced and sang beside her poppies. She pulled weeds and watered. She spent many hours day dreaming next to her beautiful garden. And the more she enjoyed her garden, the more her flowers grew. 

11. Finally Grows.jpg

Poppy's garden stretched throughout the forest, and she soon had more flowers than she knew what to do with.

So, she invited all her neighbors to her garden and gave them each a bouquet to take home. 

12. Neighbors Join.jpg

Poppy still stopped by Mama Bear's shop every Monday, only now, she brought home packets of seeds.

13. Seed Packet.jpg



How do you think Mama Bear and Poppy are like God when it comes to his creation? That’s right God does all the work, he waters us, feeds us, and gives us his light so we can grow.


When we grow it’s hard to see our growth in the moment. Sometimes we become impatient, yet God is there like Poppy, caring for us and waiting with the knowledge that we will bloom according to his purpose.


Isn’t it interesting how life can come from something that wilts away? That is how God works, he is among us, even when we are not in bloom or life seems like it is fading away.